Route 47 Pub & Grub | 7820 University Ave NE Fridley, MN 55432 | (763-444-1347)

2nd Annual Midwest Country Mix-Up

May 9, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The mix up is an event that allows local bands and solo artists to join forces for one night of music to benefit the Midwest Country Music Association a 501c3 non-profit! Almost 50 artists on stage in ONE night! It is a unique, once a year event so don’t miss the 2019 edition with this year’s theme: Movie Soundtrack!! See you at Route 47 Pub & Grub on Thursday May 9th!

Team 1:
Female Vox – Devon Worley – DWB
Male Vox – JT Thompson – JT & The Gunslingers
Lead Guitar – Neil Uhlenhake – Lost Highway
Bass – Thomas Moga – Red Dirt Road
Drums – Rob Pendelton – Stone Daisy

Team 2:
Female Vox – Allison Huttner – Swanny Rose
Male Vox – Mark Stone – Dirty Country Band
Lead Guitar – Joe Flip – Joe Flip Band
Bass – Derek Patrin – That’s My Uncle
Drums – Grant Thelen – Devon Worley Band

Team 3:
Female Vox – Joleen Lamers – Farmers Daughters
Male Vox – Chris Thorsen – Devon Worley Band
Lead Guitar – Chad Kostner – Chad Kostner Music
Bass – Larry Ober – Stone Daisy
Drums – Jeremy Schreifels – Mitch Gordon, Diesel Fire

Team 4:
Female Vox – Erin Grand – Erin Grand Music
Male Vox – Tiger Reis – Tiger Reis Music
Lead Guitar – Jason Medvec – Devon Worley Band
Bass – Brady Junker – Brady Luke Band
Drums – Jeremy Harvey – Hitchville, Cloud Cult

Team 5:
Female Vox – Dayna Cohen – Dayna Cohen Music
Male Vox / Auxillary – Bob Knight
Lead Guitar – Danny Grause – Danny Grause Band
Bass – Adam Durand – Devon Worley Band
Drums – Donnie Doyle – Girls Night Out

Team 6:
Female Vox – Jen Urbach – Girls Night Out
Male Vocalist – Tony Haedt – Dram Shop Country
Lead Guitar – Mark Ganje – Farmers Daughters
Bass – Jamie Vanderhagen – Jake Nelson Band
Drums – Ben Osbourne – That’s My Uncle

Team 7:
Female Vox – Lindsey Larson – Farmers Daughters
Male Vox – Justin Good – That’s My Uncle
Lead Guitar – Kevin Qualey – Roger Allen Band
Bass – Alex Zachary – The Zachary’s, Girls Night Out
Drums – Paul Gordhammer – Farmers Daughters
Auxillary – Reggie Tulk – Johna & The Whales, DWB, Jud Hailey Band

Team 8:
Female Vox – Haley James – Haley James Music
Male Vox – Brandon Grady – Stone Daisy Band
Lead Guitar – Matt Graunke – Crow River Rebellion
Bass – Maria Meade – Farmers Daughters
Drums – Damien Jungroth – Jake Nelson Band

For this event, all participating acts will be segregated by instrument/position and new bands will be formed by a random draw. Each new band will be expected to play three songs (15 minute maximum). The bands will perform two songs that are in line with the event theme and one wild card song that can be anything of the bands choosing including an original song.
Prize packages will be awarded to the top 3 bands. Bands will be judged by both crowd reaction and a judge’s panel.

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